My Clients ‘Move’ Me…

The stories, passions, love and pride people have shared with me through my work, has been the most incredible gift.

This week, I had the opportunity to visit and tour a property in a scenic location not far from my home, in western Wisconsin. This sweet owner welcomed me with a warm hug and shared her story, the history of the house and when she brought me through the kitchen, showed me something I’ve never seen before.

She ran her fingers across the granite slab on the kitchen island with her eyes glowing.  She asked me if I knew why she chose that piece.  I searched the slab.  It’s beautiful, and shiny, a great choice in the remodel, obviously!

She points down to a small vein of blue running through the neutral tones.  She says to me, “It’s where I live.”  I squinted and looked down, she said, “it’s like a map, I chose this one, because it’s a map of my home!”

There in the center island on a slab of granite created long before her home, and the body of water it sits on, was a bluish grey vein running through the granite, a spitting image of the river her home sits on.  The same shape, wide at the point where the property runs along the shore.

WOW!!  She saw her home in that slab of granite and knew she had to have it at the heart of that home she loves so much.

She showed me the upgrades and appliances in the kitchen, and pointed to a hamper in a space where the dishwasher should be and pointed out the fact she didn’t own one.  She and her husband didn’t need it.  They love washing dishes together.  It’s their time to chat and he washes and she dries and they do NOT want a dishwasher, they just toss the rags there when they are done.  They treasure that time together.

I am amazed by the love she has for her home and family, and that she didn’t just see a slab of granite or dishes in the sink, she saw a beautiful river, and her home, and treasured time with the love of her life.

It moved me.  I run, run, run, and often don’t take time to slow down and soak it all in or just smile and feel happy about getting to do the dishes…not sure I’ll ever get there or get rid of my dishwasher, but you know what I mean;)

Slow down!  Feel JOY in the everyday!

It may seem as if  I simply help my clients move,  but in reality they truly ‘move’ me.








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